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100 Nespresso capsules Golden cream


100 Nespresso Golden cream

100 Nespresso capsules Golden cream

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100 Nespresso first-generation compatible capsules Golden cream

 A blend with strong and robust taste. 50% Robusta 50% Arabica ideal for those who love the strong and full-bodied flavor of coffee with a persistent aftertaste. The primary ingredient is the wisdom in blending coffee and in roasting within the appropriate times and temperatures for each variety of coffee. Our Robusta beans come from Indonesia, India, Cameroon and Uganda which give the coffee a strong aroma with a creaminess equal to that of a coffee served at a typical Italian cafe. While the Arabica from Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica embellish the coffee with hints of citrus and flowers giving the palate an aromatic and exotic taste.

Each capsule contains 7 grams of coffee and is individually packaged to ensure quality and freshness. The exquisite flavor and aroma of 100% natural coffee is roasted, grounded and packaged in our operational headquarters in Naples, in practical packs of 50 pods and 100 pods .


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