Our Story:

Siag Caffè was born with the glorious intent to give back to lovers of taste, the opportunity to go back in time, to a world where the frenzy of
running towards tomorrow leaves no room for the pleasure of the present, Siag aims
to stop us in our tracks for a few seconds and be able to partake in the daily habit of sipping an espresso the Italian way!

Our idea has brought us overseas, where the adventure begins for Siag, branching into the Australian and American markets, where many years ago our ancestors settled and created opportunity for themselves and families. Siag begins with a modest production, in San Giovanni, known as the Teduccio area,

East of Naples, a town close to the original founders. Our company has strived on acquiring talent of all different backgrounds and who have had few or no opportunities given to them in life. Teaming them up with Master craftsmen from
Naples who with love, passion and expertise have made a truly unique

cup of coffee. A wandering of emotions and memories, drawing ours from this
first slogan: “History in a Cup”.
In 2019 Siag begins to take shape, production moves to
Teverola province of Caserta, for obvious logistical reasons, and the workforce quadruples. Even if in a short time, Siag manages to identify the trends and transmit the impressive work for the very demanding Italian and European markets. Our marketing affirms the international brand we want to become and gives us the possibility to create various blends both strong and delicate.

Our headquarters in Naples was a weighted decision in collaboration with our trusted suppliers and master roasters who are dedicated to both the import of raw coffee and processing. All the steps needed for a product of excellence, no shortcuts. Our Neapolitan experts in coffee processing, not surprisingly our manager

for quality control who is a young man with only 50 years of experience
in the selection and cooking of the bean. Having an operational headquarters has allowed he full autonomy of all the processing steps, from raw coffee to packaging.

What makes Siag coffee special?
1. Courage, Commitment and Tenacity. Siag manages to be extraordinarily unique in its

ability to convey history in a cup and above all for its overwhelming taste that delights all palates. The fundamental roots of the Neapolitan territory can be found in every drip of Siag coffee.

World-class competence and experience brought together to create a rich blend of goodness.
2. Authenticity, tradition and passion are the main aspects that make us proud
of our coffee. For us at Siag, creating the perfect blend is not only choosing the best raw materials but also having respect for the old traditions of ancient Neapolitan recipes that make our coffee not only a pleasant one to drink but above all a nourishment of the spirit and soul.

3. From the beginning, Siag has been devoted to quality coffee. Perfection in the toasting, perfection in the grinding equals perfection in the taste. Our coffee embodies all the aroma of the real Neapolitan espresso which leads to our second slogan, “Espresso yourself”. Whether you buy our coffee beans, ground coffee, pods or capsules the mission stays the same. We want to conquer each person, neighborhood and city with our supreme quality one cup at a time.


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