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Fresh ground coffee in jars


Fresh ground coffee in jars

Fresh ground coffee in jars

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Ground Coffee
Product: Fresh ground coffee in jars and vacuum sealed bags of 8.8 ounces
• Blend Description: From careful slow roasting at temperature
controlled, naturally air-cooled, left to rest in special silos
before being packaged. Our fresh ground coffee is composed of 50%
Arabica cultivated in South America fused with the best Brazilian Santos and
50% Robusta from Uganda and Cameroon
• Aroma and Taste: Ideal for coffee lovers looking for a coffee
with a sweet and fruity aroma, it is balanced and well rounded for the palate; the medium roast defines its good character and aromatic richness. The perception of taste is slightly bitter with the right balance of flavors and aromas with assorted notes of beech wood for a real Neapolitan product as good as served at the cafe
• Packaging: Each 8.8 ounce jar is packaged individually to ensure quality and freshness.

The exquisite flavor and 100% natural aroma is roasted, grounded and packaged on premise at our operational headquarters in Naples.


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