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Turn every cup into an experience.

Siag Caffè aims to highlight the pleasure that taste can bring and enclose a past, present and future in a cup and only by leaving a mark in history will it make us eternal.

Siag Coffee was born from an entirely Italian idea

For years leader in the food industry, the Siag group (which boasts decennial experience and overseas assertion) has decided to join the world market starting from the land which always produced quality food for a large part of the globe and which has always carried the passion for flavors: our beloved Italy.
Siag Coffee intends to best enhance the cultures and the immense sensations that a simple coffee can convey. The tasting of a simple cup contains a story that can be defined as fascinating to say the least.
History requires us to nurture the roots of an expression of flavors, much more than just a moment to savor. We have the obligation to transmit over the years a product that comes to us from afar and which is currently consumed to the tune of 4 billion cups per day. We have a duty to enhance what people value in all parts of the world.
Siag imports raw coffee directly from the best harvests to then roast it and prepare it for the various products on offer. We aim for the real satisfaction of our customers, because they do not represent for us simple consumers of our product, but an integral part of our group.
Siag is located in Naples and is run entirely by Neapolitans, a people who have always been experts in coffee production. Siag relies on its staff for the selection and roasting of coffee beans. Members such as Don Ciro, a skillful and scrupulous young man of barely 74 years old, ensure strict quality control every day by examining every coffee bean before it is released.
Siag Coffee wishes to highlight the pleasure of taste that a cup can contain, enclosing past, present and future. Only leaving a mark in history will make us eternal.

Siag Coffee ... History in a cup ...

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